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La gestion des comptes utilisateurs est l'un des travaux absolument essentiels dévolu aux administrateurs. Gérer les utilisateurs et les mots de passe sont une tâche de base à laquelle tout administrateur doit attacher une attention particulière car une mauvaise gestion peut gravement affaiblir la sécurité du système.

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WCDMA for UMTS provides a complete picture of the Wideband CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) air interface of the 3rd generation cellular systems - UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems). WCDMA is designed for multimedia communications including high quality images and video, and access to services with high data rates. These capabilities will create new business opportunities for manufacturers, operators and for the providers of content and applications. WCDMA for UMTS :

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Global mobile satellite communications (GMSC) are specific satellite communication systems for maritime, land and aeronautical applications. It enables connections between moving objects such as ships, vehicles and aircrafts, and telecommunications subscribers through the medium of communications satellites, ground earth stations, PTT or other landline telecommunications providers.

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Bellamy discusses the near-complete conversion to digital technology in telephone networks worldwide, examines both existing and emerging technologies, and explores the intricacies of carrying voice over data networks as well as the use of telephone networks for carrying data for Internet access.
With 30 percent new material, Digital Telephony, Third Edition features :
* Clear explanations on how to overcome problems associated with the replacement of old analog technology with new digital technology
* A new chapter on digital mobile telephone technology

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