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Executive or sales managers in networking companies, data communications engineers and telecommunications professionals must all have a thorough working knowledge of the ever-growing and interrelated array of telecom and data communications technologies.
From protocols and operation of the Internet (IP, TCP, HTTP) and its access systems such as ADSL and GSM to the basics of transmission and switching, this resource delivers an introduction to a broad range of networking technologies, explaining the networking essentials

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This resource offers professionals, students and recreational users of GPS a clear non-mathematical explanation of how GPS works and its wide range of applications.
It addresses all aspects of the GPS, examines the GPS signal structure and covers the key types of measurement being utilized in the field today. Readers get an in-depth discussion on the errors and biases that affect GPS measurements, along with advice on how to overcome them.

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   3G CDMA2000 Wireless System Engineering
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CDMA2000 is of critical interest to wireless communications professionals because this 3G (third generation) standard provides for faster data rates, always-on data service, and improved voice network capacity.
Breaking down complex technology into easy-to-understand concepts, this hands-on, system-level resource offers RF (radio frequency) and wireless system engineers expert guidance in designing, optimizing, and operating a CDMA2000 wireless network.

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   Wireless Technology - Applications, Management and Security
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This is an edited volume based on selected papers from the annual Wireless Telecommunications Symposium.
The WTS is a forum to exchange information on advances in mobile communications and wireless networking technology, management, applications, and security in a conference environment with leaders and experts from industry, governmental agencies, and universities around the world.

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