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You know you need to learn jQuery. Everyone else has, and you’re falling behind! No worries; it’s a brand new year, and what better way to celebrate it than by learning a new skill? Give me thirty minutes every day for the next month, and I’ll transform you into a jQuery pro!





Introduction 38s
Welcome 38s
The Basics 1h 35m 14s
Hello jQuery 10m 59s
Not So Fast, jQuery 7m
The Basics of Querying the DOM 15m 54s
Events 101 20m 56s
Events 201 15m 42s
Quiz #1: The Basics Written
Bind...Live...Delegate...Huh? 10m 49s
Creating and Appending Content 13m 54s
Effects 2h 42m 53s
Slides and Structure 23m 47s
The this Keyword 10m 10s
Modifying Effect Speeds 6m 34s
Creating Custom Effect Methods 7m 16s
Full Control With animate 22m 8s
Homework Solutions 12m 16s
The Obligatory Slider (First Stab) 32m 51s
Prototypal Inheritance and Refactoring the Slider 34m 3s
Your Questions Answered 13m 48s
Quiz #2 - Effects Written
Utilities 1h 30s
$.each and Templating 13m 38s
Say Hello to Handlebars 15m 18s
The Twitter API 22m 12s
Filtering with jQuery.grep 9m 22s
Custom Events 25m 18s
Custom Events and the Observer Pattern 25m 18s
AJAX 1h 34m 29s
Loading Pages Asynchronously 11m 20s
Interacting with the Server-Side 11m 25s
PHP and jQuery: Part 1 22m 38s
PHP and jQuery: Part 2 29m 2s
Deferreds 20m 4s
Plugin Development 45m 58s
Head First Into Plugin Development 45m 58s
Final Test
Course Review Quiz
Exit 1m 6s
Goodbye 1m 6s


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