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In this course, I’ll get you up to speed on the PHP CodeIgniter framework. You’ll learn why it’s important to consider an MVC structure, and how to build projects in CI. Let’s get started!


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Welcome 12m 22s
Introduction 1m 56s
What is MVC? 4m 56s
Download and Setup CodeIgniter 5m 30s
Developing In CodeIgniter 1h 34m 38s
Setting up your first Model, View, and Controller 12m 26s
Active Record 7m 58s
Creating the Post MVC 10m 46s
Setting up Pagination 4m 7s
Creating the Users MVC: Part 1 7m 28s
Creating the Users MVC: Part 2 5m 19s
Setting up Forms: Part 1 5m 59s
Setting up Forms: Part 2 8m 7s
Uploading Files 3m 59s
Resizing Images 3m 49s
Creating a Mailing List 3m 16s
Comments MVC + Captcha 7m 17s
Smiley Helper 3m 4s
Setting up a Calendar 5m 2s
Shopping Cart Setup 6m 1s
Conclusion 3m 2s
What's Next? 3m 2s


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