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In this course, I’ll show you all of the cool features that the LESS CSS preprocessor provides, in order to make writing CSS more awesome! You’ll learn all the ins and outs, including variables, nesting, Math andcolor functions, namespacing, and the various forms of mixins. In no time, you’ll master the syntax!




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Less is More 2h 19m 14s
What is LESS? 7m 42s
Variables in LESS 15m 12s
Nesting in LESS 10m 16s
Other Basic LESS Features 8m 44s
Operations 6m 18s
Color Functions 9m 4s
Math Functions 7m 36s
Mixins 8m 50s
Parametric Mixins 17m
Mixin Pattern-Matching 10m 28s
Guarded Mixins 8m 56s
Namespacing 5m 8s
Evaluating JavaScript Expressions 11m 4s
Recursive Mixins 7m 40s
Summary 5m 16s



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