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Oracle Essentials Oracle Database 11g
Préface :
Our main goal is to give you a foundation for using the Oracle database effectively and efficiently. Therefore, we wrote with these principles in mind: 
We’ve tried to concentrate on the most important Oracle issues. Every topic provides a comprehensive but concise discussion of how Oracle handles an issue and the repercussions of that action.
One of the first decisions we made was to concentrate on principles rather than syntax. There simply isn’t room for myriad syntax diagrams and examples in this book.

We’ve tried to make this an ideal first Oracle book for a wide spectrum of Oracle users—but not the last! You will very likely have to refer to Oracle documentation or other, more specific books for more details about using Oracle. However, we hope this book will act as an accelerator for you. Using the foundation you get from this book, youcan take detailed information from other sources and put it to the best use.
This book is the result of more than 45 combined years of experience with Oracle and other databases. We hope you’ll benefit from that experience. 



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